3d Printed Gifts – Additive Manufacturing Using the Web

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If you are thinking of gift giving to your loved ones this Christmas, why not consider 3d printed gifts? They are inexpensive, stylish, very much appreciated, unique as well as original. Your loved one will certainly love them! To start with, the prices of these items are way cheaper than those that you can get in departmental stores. This is great news for the shopper who doesn’t have $200 to spare.

Whether your budget is low or high, whether you have the skills to create a 3d printed gifts using 3d printing software or not, you will definitely get a whole bunch of 3d printed gifts in each category i.e. fashion, retail, games, home goods, electronic goods, beauty goods, jewelry, accessories, and so on. These gifts will look superbly exquisite on every kind of gift occasion.

How about a fashionable purse or a trendy wallet? This is just one example where you can avail of these unique and delightful items by using 3d printing technology. You will definitely find the best designer handbags, wallets and many other similar fashion and utility products in the market. For your gift recipients who love to dress up, donning these designer bags and other fashion accessories will certainly make them stand out from the crowd. Or if you want to buy utility products, they too will look exceptionally good.

What else can you buy using 3d technology? Your gift recipient is sure to be delighted when you give her an ideal photo gift. A photo gift is perfect for both married couples and single individuals. If you have been looking for a special gift for your best friend, then a photo calendar with her favorite photos printed on colorful paper will certainly make her happy. Similarly, if your best friend is celebrating her wedding anniversary, then gifting her with a gorgeous calendar that features a photograph of the wedding in the page will certainly delight her.

What else would be more perfect than a beautiful bag, wallet or key chain that has been tailor made for her? In fact, there is no gift that will suit better than these lovely items. Women adore handbags and pocket sized essentials. If you want to surprise your woman on her birthday or any other special day, then gift her with an exquisite designer handbag that she can use for a long time to come.

Another ideal gift that would suit the occasion is a calendar that comes embellished with a photograph of the couple on the beach during their wedding anniversary. This is a unique item that will allow the recipient to relive the memory of their special occasion every year. Moreover, with the help of 3d printing technology, anyone can create calendars online. All you have to do is select a template from the various categories of photos available and enter the desired text and photos. Then, choose the best images from a variety of wedding albums and choose the appropriate colors to enhance the beauty of the photo.

If you are looking for a practical gift, then a photo book is an excellent choice. With 3d printing technology, anyone can create a customized photo album with photos of their choice. You can add captions, personalized poems or even have a photograph inserted at the cover of the book. The photographs can range from a family picture to a holiday photo or from a high school to a college photo. The beauty of this gift lies in its versatility and the fact that it can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Last but not least, a photo book would be a good gift if you want to tell a related story about the gift recipient. You can write a short story or just leave the words to your imagination. When it comes to creativity, people always want more. This is where additive manufacturing comes into play. In a nutshell, using 3d printed gifts in a way allows you to add a story to your gifts that will make them stand out among the others.

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