How to Create 3D Crystal Photo Frames and Coasters For Your Wedding

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3D Crystal makes special and unique gifts that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just for fun. Some are also created with your likeness or image on them. 3d Crystal is an internationally recognized service that uses cutting-edge technology to create customized crystal photo images using laser technology. SOME3D is an expert in giving exceptional personalized gifts by using state-of-art technology to make custom laser-etched crystal photo gifts.

SOME3D has made it easy to turn a picture of you and your fiance into a keepsake that can be given to your wedding guests. These personalized photo gifts can be engraved with your names or dates, your favorite quote, a short poem or any other special message you want to say. This is a unique way of sharing your special moments in your life with all those special people in your life.

You can use our service to personalize the crystal photo frame that you are giving as a gift to your wedding guests. Use the silver tone crystal to hold the picture of your choice. A monochrome photo can be great for your keepsakes because it is very elegant looking. The use of a silver frame in a crystal photo will help to add to the overall elegance of your keepsakes. It will give an added meaning to your keepsakes. If you don’t want to use the silver tone for your wedding keepsakes, you can use the black as a backdrop or use the pink for your keepsakes.

Our crystal photo coasters are another way to share your precious memories with your guests. You and your new spouse’s name can be placed on the coaster with an appropriate message. You can use this coaster for your wedding party gifts and give them out to your special friends. You can even use this to give to your bridesmaids.

In addition to your crystal photo frames and coasters, you may want to consider an additional photo set that can be used to hold your other photos. Using a set of 3d crystal photo sets will allow you to capture each of your special moments. By simply slipping your shoes over your shoes, your guests will have a fun time looking through your set of photos. You can also use this set to give out to your family members.

Remember that you can use crystal items to accent your wedding in any number of ways. With so many different colors, shapes, and textures available, you will have many wonderful options when it comes to decorating your reception. 3d crystals will add a special touch to your wedding favors and other decorations for your special day. Your guests will truly appreciate the effort that you have put into your wedding and will be delighted with the special keepsakes that you give out.

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