Corporate Event Catering Ideas

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Organizing corporate events is not always easy, and many organizations struggle to plan successful corporate events that deliver value to the shareholders whilst also providing a fun and exciting environment for employees to enjoy. Corporate events are usually very formal affairs; they are typically company functions that are designed to reward, and recognize employees as well as entertain clients and guests. However corporate events can also have a more personal touch to them in an effort to create an enjoyable, bonding experience between staff. Whilst planning a corporate event catering service, it is important to remember that the catering service is an additional catering service. Therefore whilst planning the corporate event, any catering services that will be used must be considered and well planned as separate services from the main function. So make sure that your corporate event catering checklist contains the following three mistakes:

No healthy food on offer. Junk food is an absolute no-go no matter what type of corporate events you’re planning. No vegetarian/vegetarian food on offer either, unless the entire holiday party is taking place on the same day. If the guests are of a non-eating nature, consider catering for non-alcoholic beverages instead.

No dishes to prepare. Whilst catered corporate events do need to have food on offer, make sure you find a company that offers a complete range of dishes to prepare, from appetisers to dinner. Not only can this provide you with a great choice of menu options, but it can also help you cater for the different tastes and dietary requirements of your guests. Many catering companies will offer a suitable range of dishes for a variety of different types of gatherings and events. Also, if the company you use specialises in corporate events, consider asking what meals the catering company has prepared for other corporate events and meetings.

No last minute surprises. It’s always a good idea to plan well in advance – particularly for corporate event planning. Many catering companies will offer advance booking for events and meetings, so ask them about this service if it is available when you book your place. This can really help to ensure that you don’t find yourself left without any food options or under-cooked food when the event finally draws near. When you are booking for a large event venue, you may even find that the event planning company you use offers some form of on-site event planning assistance, so take advantage of this service if it’s available.

Last but not least, it’s important to ask what drinks the catering service offers. Many catering services have a variety of drinks and wines on offer, but it’s important to choose a company that makes these available, according to your own drink choices. Some guests may like a particular brand of wine, whereas others may prefer another option. The same goes for non-alcoholic beverages – some guests simply don’t drink alcoholic beverages, and this should be considered when choosing a caterer. It’s also a good idea to get some basic information about the types of food that will be available for the event – think about whether there are any specific foods that should be avoided, and what the recommended choices are.

Take some time to consider your corporate catering menu options. Think about the type of guests you are inviting, and what their preferences are. For example, it’s unlikely that an outdoor corporate affair would be suitable for all guests; in this case, consider whether an indoor venue might be more appropriate. Corporate catering ideas can actually end up being quite flexible if you know what you’re looking for, so be sure to take your time when exploring the possibilities!

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