Fruit Fly Killer Is Easy to Use And Very Effective

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Try Green Gobbler Fruit Flies Killer for quick and easy treatment of fruit flies. This convenient treatment clings and envelopes pipe screens to kill flies and suck out fruit juices. Use it where ever fruit flies are, like in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s also safe for any fish tank.

Fruit flies are a problem in freshwater systems especially during the summer. Fruit flies lay their eggs on the underside of leaves and fruits, and they hatch and grow into larvae which can float on the water. Fruit flies are especially a problem in humid climates during humid summers. If you notice larvae on the undersides of leaves or fruits then this is the time to use this product. Fruit Fly Killer works quickly and effectively and the effects last up to two weeks.

To use the product you need to spray it around your sink and any exposed areas on the outside of the house. When you spray it, make sure that you get all the areas of the house and not just the areas that you will want to use. Some areas such as the bathroom are tricky to get to and if you miss your target you may not be able to cover the area. You can cover an entire bathroom with it but that will take a lot of time.

There is a green colored foam that you can use to protect yourself from the flying insects. The foam is placed around your sink, counter tops, any place that is exposed to water or air. When the fly gets in contact with the foam it is killed instantly. If however, you have young children in the house or any pets, it is advisable to not use the product on them. The reason for this is that you can get very allergic reactions if you do not know what the flies are.

Fruit fly larvae and adult flies are hardy creatures. They can withstand low temperatures and survive quite a few months without eating anything. Fruit flies lay their eggs in damp conditions and they will live in any wet and warm environment including your plants and your tap water. To kill these flying insects, you need to first use an insecticide on the outside of the house such as around the baseboard and then go on to use the spray on the inside of the house.

If you keep your garden and your house dry and clean you will prevent the larvae from growing and breeding. If you see any flies in your garden you need to get rid of them before they reproduce. The fruit fly killer is available from many pet stores as well as being supplied by the government. They are very reasonably priced and can be used in conjunction with a good tap water filtration system. The benefits of this system will be that any flies that you do not kill will find another garden to mate in and this will lead to more flies breeding and causing greater damage to your garden.

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